The Unbundled University, the Market and Digital Technology, is a two week free online course arising from an NRF-ESRC funded research project called The Unbundled University: Researching emerging models in an unequal landscape ( Lead by Professor Laura Czerniewicz from University of Cape Town and Professor Neil Morris from Leeds University, the project examines the profound confluence which constitutes the unbundled university – the intersection of increasingly disaggregated curricula and services, the affordances of digital technologies, the growing marketisation of the higher education sector itself and the deep inequalities which characterise both the sector and the contexts in which they are located.

The course includes the following topics: The language of unbundling as it relates to higher education provision; Digital technology as an enabler or driver of unbundling; The role of the market in higher education; Mapping the Higher Education Terrain: South Africa and England; Unbundling in the higher education sector; Implications of unbundling for stakeholders; Issues and debates about unbundling and rebundling.

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