Supporting and connecting with students and staff as we transition to remote emergency learning and teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic has never been more important. Working with so many uncertainties has created panic and stress as universities try to work towards completing 2020 academic year. What does the current moment in higher education mean for the lived experiences of staff and students? Access and inequalities amongst students, staff and institutions are brought to the fore. The Minister of Higher Education announced that there are plans in place to support students and universities so that no student will be left behind but some institutions have gone ahead with their academic programme while some institutions are lagging behind. This already shows that there is inequity among institutions in Higher Education itself, how can we overcome this and work together to ensure that all students are successful in 2020? Exploring ways to support and connect with students and staff helps to create new communities of learning through engagement.

In this webinar we explore, student and staff challenges and propose engagement strategies that convey emotional support, care and compassion in the transition to remote learning during COVID-19.

We do hope that you will join the student learning CLCs in this conversation.

Date: Friday 15 May 2020
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
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Hosted by:
1. First Year Experience CLC
2. Tutor, Mentor and SI CLC
3. Foundation CLC