Covid-19 has forced Higher Education contact institutions to look at remote teaching as a solution to complete the 2020 academic year. Many academics and academic support staff have plunged into unchartered territories of quickly getting to grips with preparing to teach remotely.

A major challenge that Higher Education faces is in relation to how the planned curriculum will now be enacted in the remote teaching platform.

The Professional Development Collaborative Learning Community (PD CLC) held a webinar as follows:

Remote Teaching: Curriculum Considerations on Friday, April 17 2020 at 11am

The Guest speakers were:

Prof Owence Chabaya  – University of Limpopo

Mrs Kibbie Naidoo –University of Johannesburg

Mr Dorian Love – Roedean School in Johannesburg


Please see link to the recording:


For further information, please contact:

Dr Rosaline Govender

Ms Anthea Adams