Peter Khan, editor of Teaching in Higher Education, and Sally Bradley, from the Higher Education Academy (HEA), have put together this virtual special issue focusing on ‘a scholarly basis for teaching practices in higher education’, representing a joint initiative between the journal and the HEA. The issue makes a set of articles from the journal free to access for a period of time, to stimulate the thinking of those who are reconsidering or justifying their practices. The articles that focus on the following themes:

  • What is it that makes for effective teaching in higher education, and for teaching that helps all students to thrive?
  • How can theoretical perspectives and insights drawn from different disciplinary frameworks illuminate one’s practice?
  • Constraints need not be a reason to remain uncommitted in one’s teaching or to be inactive in the face of injustice; how can one work with them?
  • In what ways can critical accounts of lived experiences of higher education pedagogies help practitioners to make sense of their practice?
  • What roles do collaboration and interpersonal relationships play within teaching?

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